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While being relatively young in the Drum and Bass scene, Andromedik has already left quite an imprint. The musician has distinguished himself from a lot of producers with an almost ‘festival’ sound design, while having a classical/jazz training for over 10 years. It’s clear why Andromedik is supported by the biggest names in the scene such as Netsky, Sub Focus, Delta Heavy, Jauz and more.

With a lot of releases under his belt and having worked with other talented musicians such as Ayah Marar, it only seems logical that Andromedik has over 1?4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. For the same reason, you’ll frequently hear Andromedik’s songs playing on national Belgian radio. All this talent has already led to a Drum and bass Arena Awards nomination for ‘World’s Best Newcomer’. Andromedik is a versatile DJ/producer who is not afraid to shake up crowds with wild edits, bootlegs and an overall wide musical take on the genre. With all the energy he puts in his music, as well as in his performance on stage, we can easily say Andromedik is destined to be a headliner.

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